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Base Tools

Hello beauts,

Hope you are all well?! Long time no see AGAIN! Hope you still remember me.. Today I'm sharing these two tools I've been using to apply my base makeup and I'm sure you have heard of them or you probably own them.

I got the E.L.F Small Stipple Brush out of curiosity, I mean how can a brush that is not densely packed apply foundation flawlessly? It took me months to actually use the brush but since I used it my foundation application has never been better. The way this brush blends in foundation is amazing and NO no streaks. Ohh you can also use the stipple brush for blush application if you want a softer application.

Ohh Beauty blender, I know I know..enough already? but it's still my fave makeup tool, after applying my foundation I use this blend and smoothen it out and even when my makeup is done I use the beauty blender all over - I believe this step locks in my makeup - I also have my beauty blender in my purse every time to retouch my makeup. 

These two tools are basically enough for a flawless base application. 

I know you have your favorite tools? Share in the comment below I'll love to check them out and try them as well!  

Have a beautiful day! 

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  1. Awwww it's so lovely to see you back blogging. Would you believe I am yet to try this ELF brush? I need to add it to my list for my next ELF order. I love the Beauty Blender although mine needs to be changed now as it has seen better days... Thanks for sharing...xx

    1. Thanks I'm happy to be back.. you should get d brush you'll love it.:)


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