Lady Wannabe Blog: Three Types Of Friends You Should Know About

Three Types Of Friends You Should Know About

Last night during my normal web surfing I stumbled on this T.D Jakes sermon, this isn't the first time I'm listening or seeing this. I heard this sermon years back, say about 2 to 3 years now and stumbling on it again isn't just coincidence, I just had to share with you all!

No man is an island, we cannot go through life alone, we need people around us, people to direct us, share our journey with, people to comfort us when it's rough and to celebrate with us when it's smooth and yes family is the first choice, they will always be there, no matter how much we go astray they are always ready to welcome us back. But as we grow older, we leave our homes, go to school, work, travel abroad far away from home, we need someone or a few people we can lean on... we need friends! 

While making friends might seem easy, making right kind of friends is not so simple.. According to Bishop T.D Jakes there are three basic types of friends;

1. CONFIDANTS – You have very few of them – these are people who welcome you unconditionally. They are into you whether you are up or down, right or wrong, they are in it for the long haul. You can share anything with them. Having a good confidant is one of the keys that unlock the Kingdom.

These are people who you can share your deepest and darkest inner thoughts with, who won’t judge you but will feed you instead of draining you.

Have you ever had relationships where the person was emotionally immature and consistently draining you? It’s okay to help others but you must have someone who feeds you so you can feed someone else. They will confront you; they’ll get in your business and get in your face and tell you when you are wrong BUT will also come back and be by your side no matter what. They will never leave.

2. CONSTITUENTS - They are not into you but are into what you are FOR. They are for what you are for. As long as you are for what they are for they will be with you but never think they are for you. If they meet someone else that will meet their agenda they will hook up with them and leave you. Don’t mistake a constituent for a confidant. By the time you fall in love or are connected with them in a relationship, they will hook up with someone else and break your heart, leaving you wondering, “I thought our relationship was deeper than that.” 

3. COMRADES - These are not for you nor are they for what you are for. They are just against what you are against. They are strange bedfellows. They are the enemy of your enemy who will team up with you to help you fight a greater enemy. They will only be with you until the victory is accomplished.

They are like scaffolding that is there until the building is built but is later removed because the building is built. Don’t be upset when they leave. They were not supposed to be there anyway. Don’t tell your dream to your constituents they will try to fulfill the dream without you. Don’t tell your dream to your comrades because they will not support you because they are not for you in the first place.

Above are the basic types of friends you should know, well before you get rid of any friend ensure you are also a good friend, know what kind of friend you are and try to improve if possible.

I hope you find this useful.. Have a fabulous day!! 

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  1. Great post! Thanks for this :) Having the right set of friends matters a lot, even if they are few in numbers is better.

  2. I totally agree with you ! having a few true friends is better than having a bundle of CONSTITUENTS. :D
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  3. Haha, this post made me laugh but it is so true xx

  4. I have a few and I know they are real with me great post.

  5. yeah ur right!
    i better have a few good ones then fakes!!

    x Lori

  6. Great post ! I personally prefer having just a few trusted friends and I have to say I had come to this conclusion growing up.

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  7. Great post.
    The type of friends we have can make or mar us.

  8. So true

  9. Yeah having good friends makes happy moments.


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