Lady Wannabe Blog: W7 Prime Magic Camera Ready Face Primer

W7 Prime Magic Camera Ready Face Primer

Hello everyone,
Just as always I was doing my random browsing on eBay and I stumbled on the seller xtras2006, a UK based seller and then I started feeding my eyes and found the W7 Prime Magic Camera Ready Face Primer and I'm like ohh hey let me check this out..

So W7 cosmetics is actually a UK brand that has been around for a while now, well I just found out about them and I already have a few of their products on the "to try" list.

W7 Prime Magic Camera Ready Face Primer, the packaging is similar to the Smashbox's Photo Finish Primer, if I had the Smashbox's primer I'd compare. 
It is a silicone based primer, it is a bit thinner than Baby skin primer and it disappears quickly on the skin so I can apply foundation almost immediately, it doesn't really have a smooth effect.. I usually apply with my fingers and it just feels like I'm applying nothing. As far as staying power it depends, on a really hot day my nose starts getting oily after about 3-4 hours but on a cool day (rainy especially) it lasts for longer hours. 

W7 Prime Magic Camera Ready Face Primer claims to reduce the appearance of pores and fine lines but to me it didn't do much. This primer didn't break me out at all, my only problem is it doesn't really go on smoothly. 

All in all this primer is good yes, WHY? it keeps my face semi matte which is what I like but I won't be repurchasing WHY not? I'll love to try other primers (this isn't my HG) plus I wish it glides on more smoothly. 

This is something you can actually try out, it is less expensive and will suit your oily skin(I can't say for dry skin). Where to buy? or eBay. (£4.49) and oohh hey shipping is free worldwide *wink wink. 

Have you tried anything from W7 cosmetics?? What primer(s) do you use? I'll love to check them out!! Have a fabulous day! 

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  1. never even heard of that brand either

  2. any primer that would double as a moisturizer to help my foundation or powder glide on better, and also help with oil control and shine (major plus for me) would do. Thanks for this review. i am currently looking for a replacement for my Flori Roberts Shine Away Oil Blotting primer as I think it has been discontinued.

  3. oooo thanks for sharing!! i'm currently using the mac prep+prime :) X

  4. It looks amazing, I haven´t heard about the brand, but I love free shipping on everything. :)
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