Lady Wannabe Blog: Cleanser/Scrubs For Blemish Prone Skin

Cleanser/Scrubs For Blemish Prone Skin

Hello beauties, 
I shared the facial cleansers/scrubs I've tried for blackheads sometime ago, today I want to share these awesome scrubs/cleansers that is good for blemishes as well, basically blemish is inevitable, there will always be one or two zits here and there, even though you can go weeks without one but it's great to have something to prevent or combat them.
Odeon Blemish Free Face & Body Scrub, I have written about this here, this scrub is amazing, cleans well and the tiny particles(beads) aren't scratchy at all, it is a natural ingredient scrub which might be a plus if you love such, it feels buttery and soft but the smell is not nice, I love the aftermath leaves the skin feeling squeaky clean and soft.
Pros: cleans the skin well, leaves you with a squeaky clean feel, skin feels soft afterwards, not drying, great exfoliating scrub.
Cons: not a fan of the smell.
St. Ives Blemish Control Apricot Scrub, has a thick consistency with tiny brown beads, I find the beads a bit scratchy, this scrub is definitely a good scrub for a clear skin, it also leaves the skin clean but it is very drying, if you have dry skin you will have to stay away from this, because you will need a full jar of moisturizer to suppress the dryness.

Pros: leaves skin clean, great exfoliating scrub.
Cons: too drying for my liking, I'm not a fan of the smell, a bit scratchy.
Biore Anti Blemish Smooth Facial Foam, I already wrote a bit about this in my last fave post, I've been loving it since I got it, it is a daily wash/scrub, very gentle on skin, if you have frequent break out you might want to check this out.

Pros: cleans effectively, perfect for daily use, gentle on skin, helps control break outs.
Cons: none at the moment. 

Let me know what you thing! Have you tried any of these scrubs/cleanser? What are your fave cleansers? I'll love to check them out as well. Have a fabulous day and stay beautiful.

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  1. YES. I freaking love a good rough, textured face scrub! Although I currently don't suffer from a lot of acne or very oily skin I love having one fine and one rough scrub in my collection! I've used the apricot, blemish, green tea and oatmeal scrubs from St. Ives and they never let me down! I always tend to buy 'apricot' or 'peach' scrubs for the face from all kinds of brands but I tend to go back to St. Ives!

  2. St Ives is my fav!!! I love it..been using it dor years :)

  3. I have the Saint Ives one. Been using the product for years.

    Berry Dakara Blog

  4. St. Ives is my favorite, i love the texture.


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