Lady Wannabe Blog: The Lipsticks Called MAC Dupes

The Lipsticks Called MAC Dupes

Hello beauties,
No no! don't give me those googly eyes, don't act like you don't like a good dupe as well! You don't really? Ok I hear you. Mac does great lipsticks no doubt and a few people will argue their formula is the best and none compares to it ya! but there isn't something wrong with having a duplicate (dupe), since the price tag isn't pocket friendly for all. 
PS I do not have any of the Mac lipstick mentioned but from online researches they claim these are good dupes plus I provided side by side swatches(links) so you can compare yourself. 

Revlon Mauve it over - Mac Velvet Teddy: Mauve it over is a bit hard to apply the color won't just stay in place it is a matte lipstick that is creamy but drying after a few hours, it is a lovely everyday lipstick with slightly brown undertone, it is not chapped lips friendly. Side by side swatch HERE.

Maybelline Coral Crush - MAC  Watch Me Simmer: They mean business with this coral, coral crush doesn't look flattering on me at all, but with a brown liner it looks a lot better, like most maybelline lipsticks it is creamy and pigmented but a bit slippery on the lips. Side by side swatch HERE.

Revlon Matte Balm Unapologetic - Mac Impassioned: Unapologetic is another gorgeous shade from the Revlon matte balm collection, it is a beautiful bright pink with coral undertone, would look good on most complexions, the only problem is this doesn't apply smoothly, I use a lip brush for smoother application and it is also slightly drying. Side by side swatch HERE.

L'oreal Raspberry Syrup - Mac All Fired Up : I've already written about this gorgeous lippie here, it is a beautiful reddish pink shade, matte but not drying, the staying power is great as well, I get compliments whenever I wear this lippie. Side by side swatch HERE.

Wet n Wild Sugar Plum Fairy - Mac Rebel: This is probably one dupe you already know and that was the main reason I got the lipstick as well, Mac rebel dupe haha. Sugar plum fairy is an opaque deep plum lipstick, with semi matte finish, applies even and smoothly and no jokes when they said mega last. Side by side swatch HERE

Revlon Matte Balm Shameless - Mac Heroine: Purple lipstick is a head turner and it was all over last year but honestly I'm not really a fan, Shameless is a deep purple shade it is patchy, the application isn't smooth at all, this will definitely suit all skin tones(review here). Side by side swatch HERE.

Alright ladies that's it, do you know or have Mac dupes that you love?! Feel free to share I'll love to check them out! Have a fabulous day.  

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  1. I have the MAC Heroine. My husband thinks it is too bright for me, but I like it. I need to look into its dupe! I love this post!

  2. I'm interest in the shameless. I want to try that color first before investing in the Heroine by MAC.

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

  3. I have both Velvet Teddy and Mauve it Over, it's true that they're very similar :) lovely post x

  4. I always like a good Dupe post because in all honesty " it's not everyday MAC; sometimes drug store does it"...hehehe but I absolutely enjoy reading dupes post. In my opinion, I think Revlon has one of the best lipsticks for drug store especially because it suits a lot of skin tones!!..xx

  5. These are really great dupes! Unfortunately I already have the MAC versions.

    Nice post.


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